Comparing Levels of Development Between Japan and Brazil

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Comparing Levels of Development between Japan and Brazil

Within this assessment, I will cover and compare several factors between the development of Japan and the development of Brazil. Japan is a MEDC, which is a More Economically Developed Country and Brazil is an LEDC, a Less Economically Developed Country. The indicators I am about to compare and expand on include a range of factors, from the likes of Population to Area.

First of all, Population. There are around 127.5 million people living in Japan at the moment, compared to Brazil which has a population of just fewer than 194 million people. Population has a big effect on the development of both countries and in fact the majority of the countries in the world because, if a population increases then there are more people to get involved in industry and manufacture. Therefore, more products can be invented or advanced meaning more will be sold to other countries turning in more money for the countries economy.

My second indicator is to do with the Environment, more specifically CO² emissions. In Japan the figure is 9.8 metric tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per capita or person and in Brazil the current figure stands at around just 1.9 metric tonnes of CO²per capita. This effects the development of the countries because often the effects of bad environmental factors and cause many people to get ill or even die. If people die, this affects the amount of people in industry.

The next indicator is Literacy. In Japan, the adult literacy rate (aged 15 and above) is 99% of the population and the same rate for either male or women. Whereas in Brazil the rate of adult literacy is 88.6% of the total population. 88.4% of males and 88.8% of females. Literacy is important no matter where you come from and the more people literate in a country the more likely the country is to survive and develop because if people are illiterate, they won’t get very far in industry. For instance, signing contracts or cheques are...
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