Compare and Contrast Visual Literecy

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Compare and Contrast
Have you ever had instructions to putting a toy or piece of furniture together that is almost impossible to understand? Well thankfully it is 2012 and we can Google anything we need to so that we can better understand how to do it. Why is that? Visual Literacy allows us to understand what is going on even if there is not a text to go along with the video.

Brian Kennedy and our text book both agree that visual literacy is a common language among everyone around the world. However the book go even further into saying that there has to be “visually literate person does not merely possess the capability of vision but goes on to mentally perceive and interpret the meanings of visuals.” (Avgerinou and Ericson, 1997) Essentially we have to understand what we are looking at prior to seeing it for us to get it. Not just the fact that a picture will make us understand it across the board. The best thing about visual literacy is that I do not have to speak any Asian, Hispanic, or European language to understand what is going on. Being able to visually understand what is going on has helped around the world. We have a common ground when it comes to things like the Olympics that just completed recently. We do not have to understand the coaches of other teams to know that they are consoling their athlete by giving them a hug after a bad routine. How about being able to open a shipment of furniture from a place like IKEA that has nothing but pictures? It is self explanatory without any written text. This is great in terms of communication and global understanding. Imagine how much can be saved on trying to interpret everything into text. Organizations can create products such as IKEA has and be able to get a point across without having to have it written out in every language possible. There is a common ground of communication this way as well. We know that if we see people’s faces that their expressions can show a world of things going on. This...

Cited: Ryan, W. (2012 ). Learning to See—A Guide to Visual Literacy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.
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