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on the spider diagram below explain the positive effects practitioners may have on children and their families when they support a child’s speech, language and communication development.

Task 3

Take one of the positive effects you identified in the task above and think of an example from your own practice in which you have had a positive impact upon a child and/or their family through supporting and extending their speech, language and communication development. Write a report about this, remembering the rules of confidentiality.

T is 20 months old boy in the baby room of my setting. He is my key child. He has been gentle and calm when he was very young but his behaviour started changing when he found it difficult to express himself using speech. He is very clever and can understand boundaries but he is unable to say even a single word. Sometimes he throws himself on the floor when not understood by adults. He doesn’t spend time playing with his peers . he prefers snatching toys and hitting others.

Strategy used to develop his SLC skills:

Since a change was noticed in T’s behaviour, baby room staff and especially his key-person started arranging one to one sessions with him. During these sessions he was encouraged to repeat and copy sounds. Coping simple words such as; banana, mummy etc. Picture book reading left a very good influence as he started pointing towards pictures while babbling. We provided him opportunities to take part in sand play while encouraging him to share his tools with his peers and appreciating him every time whenever he shared his toys with others. Whenever he got upset, we tried to calm him down by showing affection and tried to reassure him that we care a lot about him through our facial expressions and gestures.

As a result a big change can be seen in his behaviour . He uses gestures and points out towards things if he needs anything. He can babble words such as instead of saying...
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