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Topics: Literacy, Functional illiteracy, Writing Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: September 21, 2013
Reading Response Barton
The overview point of Barton’s integrated approach to literacy is to help understand the different perspectives about reading and writing while coming up with new views of literacy. The impact of literacy in everyday life is the first discussion. Barton gives several examples in which literacy impact our lives starting from the morning radio to the mail, which broadens the readers perspective that literacy is not defined only to reading and writing. Like culture, literacy can be vastly different from one form to another such as reading a novel in school to listening to the news on television. From the information that is obtained by literacy also triggers a new way of thinking about the personal definition in which one defines literacy themselves.

The impact of economic and social impact of literacy is the most fascinating part of the reading. The idea that literacy can make or break someone is amazing. If one is literate, they can make their own definition which can prevent them from conforming to others perspective, being brainwashed. Statistics show the difference in one who is literate and illiterate. With the limited choices illiterate they negatively impact their country both economically and socially. Baron stated many countries such as Canada illiteracy linked with criminality, United States illiteracy linked with economical downfall, and also Britain illiterates cannot jobs. The potential of a country truly comes from the root of the people which is literacy. The idea of a hundred percent literate country and how much it would strive compared to the so called develop countries today.

Continuing from the idea if it is possible for a country to be hundred percent literate is to look at the root of how literacy is taught. The educational system has made their definition of what literacy is and like stated earlier those who have not found their own definition of literacy conform to others. So like the soviet union...
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