America's Public School Budget Spending

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America's Public School Budget Spending

Lindsay Mackenzie the principal of Harrisonburg Middle School sat in her office her secretary brought a mail in and place it on her desk. She picked it up with a look of fear in her eyes looking at the mail as if she had been expecting bad news. She heard that many schools around the area had to tighten their budget, fearing the worst for her teachers she braced for what was in the envelope that she has in her hand. It was just a notice from the Governor's office notifying her of the next town meeting. Just like Lindsay Mackenzie, many principals faces the possibility of telling some of their teachers they are simply laid off, while some are being told they will have extra children in their class room. The public school system has been affected tremendously because of the 2007 recession and budget cuts all over the country leaving teachers, parents, students, and schools to cut back on their budget spending; therefore, the school need and deserve a bigger budget. In more than seventy years the schools are facing the biggest recession and budget cut ever. As the school budget tightens across the country expenses have grown as well, because enough money is not there to supply the needs of the schools. Senior researcher Jason Reece (2012) speaks of the effect that "economic cut backs" have on schools districts across the country (p. 1). There has been request for more funding and for them to reassess school funding as well. Not only are teachers and school boards affected, but also the children whom they stacked in the classrooms. They are being deprived of getting a one-on-one with their teachers, thus affecting their ability to learn, however, the fast learner are less likely to be affected, because they can stand on their own. "Children who leave school without proper education become a menace to the economy." "Most of them do not go back and finish their education they turn to drugs, gangs, or guns." Therefore stocking more than what is required in the classroom, "due to the budget cut" is harmful to the younger generation. Because, of the high ratio of teacher and student less attention is given to the child that requires it more, leaving them to learn on their own. However, according to Castro, Matheson, & Armario (2011) an example of major cut backs would be to "lay off more than a one hundred teachers, taking out the summer programs, and increasing K-third grade classes" (p. 1). At this rate the government needs to put more focus on spending more money on the education system. Author Leslie Maxwell of Education week states that "that will not happen until there is more revenue flowing into the general fund" (2011, p. 2). Plans were made to lengthen the school days and for early childhood education to be expanded all this had to be changed, because of the "budget cut". Nevertheless, the lack of funds caused all this to happen therefore, setting back the most basic education. According to research author Oliff, Mai, and Leachman (2012) states that "large cuts in funding for basic education threaten to undermine a crucial building block for future prosperity" (p. 3). Furthermore, learning beings from the early childhood stage, and once it is not supported it is more likely to set back a vast majority of children in the future. Although those that feels the effect the most are the children they are left in the dark with no one to fend for them. It is of good interest that the children get a better education other than just settling for whatever is brought forth. They deserve to have good teachers who care about them, and not having to worry while working, if they will be sent home or to start searching for a new job. According to the authors Castro, Matheson, & Armario (2011) unions are fighting for teachers facing the possibility of termination, because of this stigma that last hired is first to be fired. Moreover they want a...

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