Achievements in Ancient India and China

Topics: Han Dynasty, Silk Road, China Pages: 2 (339 words) Published: February 4, 2014
Ronell Culbengan
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Civilizations is the culture and way of life of a particular people, nation, region, or period. During the course of history, there were many great societies that existed in different parts of our world. The societies have made different achievements that impacted our lives today.

One of the achievements that were made by Ancient India was wells. At this time, wells were used for water and irrigation systems. The second achievement that was made was indoor bathrooms. It had waste drainage systems that was underground. The third achievement that was made by Ancient India was large granaries. People used large granaries to store food. These achievements are helpful to us because they made inventions to use like us. For example, they used granaries to store food. Also, they made indoor bathrooms that had a waste drainage system. If they didn’t have a bathroom like us, the people wouldn’t be healthy.

Some of the achievements that were made by Ancient China in the time of the Han Dynasty were political. The political achievements lowered taxes and softened punishments. Also, it created a complex bureaucracy to help the emperors run the government. Finally, it created peace and stability. The next achievements made by Ancient China were Economic/Agricultural. In the Economic/Agricultural achievement, the plow was invented to improve farming. Also, there was the Silk Road that was a center for trade and wealthy. The last achievement made by Ancient china was cultural. At this time, the Great Wall was built to protect China from outside invaders. Also, paper was invented which improved writing.

I think that the achievements made by Ancient India are better for several reasons. One reason is because they made many inventions like us. What I mean is that they made the language called Sanskrit. Also, they had restrooms with waste drainage systems. These were some of the things that we have...
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