Abby's Lament

Topics: Literacy, High school, Multimedia literacy Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Abby’s Lament
In this short article Yagelski goes in depth about the importance literacy plays in todays society. What Abby seems to fail to understand is that everyone has a say and to be illiterate is completely useless. In order to make a difference you must speak your mind (wisely) as she did when she was arguing about the issue, once you are heard people seem to either follow you or keep their distance, either way though you got their attention. In the high school setting knowing your facts and speaking your mind is key to prosperity. Abby could become part of the high school ASB which entitles a great deal of power; the author states that she, along with her fellow classmates, are very literate when it comes to electronics (as it seems that everyone in the upcoming generations are) which is key to improving her surroundings and showing peers that they want to make a difference.

Yagelski ends this article in a very powerful way that agrees with both parties but still stays on track with his beliefs and what he is trying to instill in those he speaks with along with the readers. I completely agree with Yagelski that it shouldn’t be the job for students to try and learn something that others “deem great” but that institutions should step outside the box and teach what would be the most useful information for the students who are only there for a short time. Make the most out of the little capacity and time that one has because literacy does matter.
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