Support Literacy and Numeracy Activities

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STL6 – Support literacy and numeracy activities

K8 the strategies and resources used at your school for developing pupils': a reading skills
b writing skills
c speaking/talking and listening skills
d mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills

The classes in my school are of mixed ability and key stage 1 year 1 and 2 contain pupils from two adjacent year groups. Throughout the school, we use a variety of teaching styles including whole class, group and individual teaching, depending upon the task and needs of the pupils. In line with government requirements, the school lays particular emphasis upon the teaching of basic skills of reading, writing and numeracy. All children in the main school have an hour of numeracy and an hour of literacy each day but these periods are frequently supplemented by further activities leading to the development of these vital, basic skills.

Strategies and resources for developing reading skills
Teachers, parents and teaching assistants should all be working together to encourage pupils to enjoy and benefit from reading. The main focus of development will be through the Literacy lesson, although reading will be promoted through all areas and curriculum subjects.

Shared reading - This takes place in the classroom and everyone looks at a text together. The texts include various types, such as plays, fiction, non-fiction and are on a range of different subjects and themes.

Guided/group reading - This takes place in small groups within the class while other pupils are working independently.

Individual reading - This usually involves pupils quietly reading books from the classroom or library, or those used during guided reading, which pupils can read without adult support. I hear individual pupils read as much as possible as it is an important way of developing their reading skills. For those pupils who need extra help, they are taken out of the class by an assistant and have one to one time to...
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