National Philosophy of Education

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There are many factors that affect the effectiveness of implementation of KSSR. We are going to touch on three factors which are the element across the curriculum, LINUS program and interesting Teaching and Learning session with a holistic assessment. These three factors have played an important role in the effectiveness of KSSR.

The three added values that have been introduced in the curriculum are the element of creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship and information, communication and technology (ICT). It aims to meet the needs of students in the holistic development of human capital, knowledge, creative thinking, critical and innovative, highly skilled and personality character. Students will be exposed to these skills in the teaching and learning process in order to increase the skill level of students to obtain information effectively. Strengthening student skills in these element is also seen to open opportunity for them explore a world without borders in obtaining a variety of information for learning purposes only in the classroom.

KSSR emphasised on the use of various teaching approaches which place greater emphasis and impact on student. Emphasis to hands-on Teaming such as inquiry discovery, project-based learning, constructivism, contextual learning, and mastery learning and learning outside the classroom is needed for these students to undergo a more interesting teaching and learning process. Teacher also need to focus on student centred learning itself and provide space and opportunities so that learning are not limited to them. The approach used must provide opportunities for fun learning and take into account the diversity, intelligence of the students.

In addition, the KSSR also give emphasis to the implementation of school-based assessment method for making teaching and learning more fun and not too exam oriented. Various assessment method are used to enable a more...
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