hit 362 Exercise 36

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Rayneisha Varner 10/15/2014

For this assignment you will complete the P.A.T.C.H. Assessment scale. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SUBMIT THE ACTUAL ASSESSMENT. You will use the assessment to answer the following questions: What was your personal score on the P.A.T.C.H. assessment? Do you agree with this score, or do you feel more or less comfortable with computers than your score indicates? Support your answer.

My score on the P.A.T.C.H assessment was 78.5/100. I agree with this score and the interpretation provided for this score as I know I am comfortable with computers but still have some things I need to learn. I know how to proficiently use Microsoft as a whole (including Word, Powerpoint, etc.), find just about anything on the internet and basic computer knowledge. I need more help when it comes to things such as troubleshooting and advanced program settings.

What is your average level of computer literacy? That is, for the nursing informatics competencies (Part A), did you score mostly As, Bs, Cs, or Ds? Do you agree with this score, or do you feel you are more or less computer literate than your score indicates? Support your answer.

My average grade level of computer literacy was As. I don't agree with this, I feel I am much more comfortable with working with computers The A rating stand for no experience or novice and I disagree with that in my case. MY second highest rating was Ds and I do agree with that more than being novice with computers. A lot of the applications on the self assessment are not ones that I use very often and that may be the reason I scored highly as novice. Of the computer applications that I do use a lot, I feel I am very proficient in those specifically.

Begin to develop a plan of action to reach your desired level of computer literacy. From section B of the P.A.T.C.H. assessment, select at least 5 topics that you would like to focus on. THIS LIST MUST INCLUDE NURSING INFORMATION SYSTEMS...

References: Kaminski, J. (2013). P.A.T.C.H. Assessment Scale v.3. Retrieved from
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