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PART A (1)
Mapleleaf Press (Nigeria) Limited was incorporated in 2007, is in the business of Exercise (version) book manufacturing. Maple leaf provide a wide range of standard and customised exercise books to corporate, government organisations and the commercial exercise book market. In a short span of years, the company has built a strong brand name in the field of exercise book manufacturing and gained a leadership position. Since 2008, Maple leaf has been a major player to meet the customer’s demand for the exercise book market. It is a dominant player in the field of exercise book market. In a short span of 5 years time the company has enhanced it’s production capacity twice, at the time of incorporation company was having 1 line of fully automatic bielomatik german machine later on in year 2009 company installed 2nd line & looking at the demand & company performance in the exercise book market, latest company had commissioned there 3rd line of bielomatik machine. That means since incorporation company has enhanced there production capacity by 150/200 %. The company has a dominant market share of about 35% in Nigeria. Also, with the new range of products of magic cover books targeting the students from Kinder garden to till grade 5 to 6 , its exercise book products are now made available across Nigeria. In 2011, the company saw opportunities in the area of exports of French exercise books to our neighbouring countries like Chad, Benin, etc., for which the company has commissioned the latest and 3rd line of fully automatic german bielomatik machine The company enjoys leading position in excercise book markets in Nigeria, having it’s three branches across Nigeria. Maple leaf became one of the largest manufacturer of exercise book brand in Nigeria within a short span of 5 years. Exercise book market is very vast worldwide specially in the developing countries and under developed countries. Because literacy rates in under developed and developing countries was always a concern and there comes exercise books demand in existence. But still in that also the major factor is your product as weather people are literate or not but because of the print and electronic media now a days people are much more aware of the options available in the market so basically depends upon what kind of product company is offering to there customers / consumers in terms of quality, brand name and packaging. As this company was new to the market when there was already giants like onward paper mill, Vista etc., since last 20-30 years, so mapleleaf did there own research & analysis before entering into this market like we will not sacrifice in terms of quality for that they setup a quality control and the quality standards as per standards this department which is fully dedicated towards quality control by checking each and every piece of notebook response to that gradually consumers build a confidence in mapleleaf products. In that also company did research and analysis and come across that the existing players have a unique packaging system (like 432 pcs in 1 carton) to save cost so mapleleaf started there own style of packing ( 216 pcs in 1 carton and in that also shrink wrapping of 12 pcs each) so that once you open the carton also still you have sub packaging of the goods resulting to less process wastage of books and also reducing packaging by 50% in 1 carton (216) makes easy to carry. As strategy was clear and loud that this company wants to reach each and every individual’s students house in the country. The other major factor was price as 85% of the raw material company have to import due to un availability in the indigenous market which effects the cost of product due to foreign exchanges and international market prices for that company has started booking the raw material in bulks and sourcing from the nearest places so that can save through quantity discounts and less freight cost. Also the easy...
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