Article Summaries on Sociological Perspective of Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Learning Pages: 5 (1427 words) Published: October 3, 2013
While speaking during a Gleaner Editors' Forum at the newspaper's North Street, central Kingston office January 29, 2013, at which the Caribbean Policy Research Institute’s recent findings on Education in Jamaica' were examined; Mr. Everton Hannam president of the National Parent-Teacher Association pointed out that nothing new has been found from the study, which had highlighted nine critical dimensions of education in Jamaica. He however, commended the study. Mr. Hannam was resolute in pointing out that parents must see them self as important players in educating their children and should be held accountable for the short comings of their children participation in the learning process. He however stresses that parent can’t be held to books unless there are explicit goals for them to accomplish and there is failure on their part in accomplishing those goals. He further goes on to say that all players in the education system have a part to play in ensuring that students learn, by setting general and specific goals to be accomplished over a period of time with revision sporadically. He specified also that parents should also assist children in choosing career paths, with less focus on the traditional areas. The author’s main point is their needs to be collaboration among the stakeholders in the Jamaica society to ensure that students learn. The author purpose is the highlight the views of the president on the study that was conducted The intended audience is stakeholders in the Jamaican society who directly and indirectly involved in the Jamaica’s education system.

The article is educative and formal. The tone of author is objective and grabs the reader’s attention. It is also short and to the point. The thesis statement is straight forward and jumps out at initializing reading which gives the audience an idea of what the rest of the article will be about. The topic sentences are identifiable for each paragraph to prevent confusion of readers. Each paragraph can also be related back to the thesis statement. The use of in text citations was also used effectively to give readers an idea of the main characters views on the topic of interest.

The use of simple language aids in readers understanding of the article and reaches out all areas of society. The tone is calm and informative. Classification was used as the method of organizing the article which allows the reader to follow along. Credibility was also established as the writer’s full name and job title was provided along with the date of publication. The article was noted to be a bit bias as it mainly highlighted the opinion of one person Issue

The educational issue identified in this article was that stakeholder in the education system don’t know what role they should play in the education system to ensure that students learn. The recent concluded study on the education system in Jamaica done by the Caribbean Policy Research Institute highlighted the roles that each stakeholder should play in order to help students learn. The issue mentioned above is quite evident with some stakeholder namely parents in Jamaica, they only think that their role in educating their children is send them off to schools in the morning’s period. Those parents are not cognizant of the fact that their job in in the education system is not only limited to sending their children of to schools, but involves much more such as ensuring that their children are equip with the necessary tools, seeing that they complete assignments, put in adequate time in studying etc.

Sociological perspective
The sociological perspective that stood out in this article was functionalism. The reason why I chose functionalism is because the functionalism theory “sees each aspect of society is interdependent and contributes to society's functioning as a whole”( and this article we can see where the education system is depending on the different parts of society...
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